Latato: Virtual team building à la Parisienne

A Parisian-style virtual team building your people will love

Bring your team to virtual Paris for some joie de vivre and smart, fun team building

One fabulous day in Paris with a Parisian

Ready to spend a virtual day in Paris? Join us for a lively, unique, interactive hour to learn about the best of the city of lights and become a Parisian along the way!
Your Parisian session can be as interactive as you want it to be. Your team can relax and do a virtual tour of Paris learning fun facts about the landmarks, all the way to a fully engaging interactive team building experience
Get the inside scoop on Paris. Learn how to order a ‘tradi’ (way better than a baguette). Discuss quirky plans for a post-fire Notre Dame. Find out about the four Americans who made the Louvre museum so famous. Learn how to picnic properly in Paris, and end the day with a secret underground party! 
Practice French vocabulary, try Parisian fashion; and understand the true meaning of concepts like flâner, joie de vivre and laissez-faire to improve your remote daily routine and increase your team’s trust and connections.
Have your own ideas? We’ll align your interests with the session, free of charge.
The usual duration is 60 minutes and can be extended or shortened to suit your needs. The event takes place on a zoom room we facilitate, and we can host groups from 5 up to 50 people.
Virtual Teambuilding in Paris Eva

Since April 2020 we have over 900 reviews from clients all over the world and a 4.96/5 rating (click to have a look!)

"Very fun and interactive experience. We laughed a lot and learned some good tips and tricks for how to spend the perfect day in Paris!”
Fern, August 2020
Pierre was a great host. I had booked this as a team-bonding experience to "visit Paris" during our lunch break, and Pierre was really funny and engaging
Lauren, July 2020
It was a lot better than I expected. It was great and there were alot of beautiful things to see
Brandi, July 2020
"Can I give 10 stars? That was amazing! When I found the experience and saw the reviews the first thing that came to my mind was"Wow what do these folks do if they have such great feedbacks?" and after the first minutes when the experience started I understood. They just do their best to give the best experience they can. It was simply awesome. I have no words to describe it. Herber was hilarious, knowledgable, kind, attentive, professional! Love it!”
Katerina, August 2020
"We did this as a work team get-together as we have not seen each other face-to-face in months. Most of the team had never been to Paris and want to travel there now. Tais was very friendly, enjoyable and knowledgeable and made sure to involve everyone and keep them all engaged. We really had a great time."
Marcel, June 2020
"I hosted a few clients to a wonderful virtual trip of Paris. Herbert did an amazing job - with great humor and awesome stories. We all really enjoyed our time in Paris. Many thanks for a fun adventure."
Julie, October 2020

Who are we?

Before we were, we ran unconventional tours of the city of lights since 2014 on our website, like a local in Paris, first day in Paris, and on Airbnb.

We have hosted over 10 000 guests biking, eating and going out, enjoying the best of Paris.

In 2020, we turned to online tours of Paris, and we are very focused on virtual team building.

We consulted HR experts and read too many books to come up with an experience that was fun, impactful and, of course, parisienne

Cliche Parisian - Virtual Teambuilding
Team building à la Parisienne

Introductory pricing starts at $29 per person

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